Surprising effects of variotherm temperature control

Translation from K-Profi 6/2014

New approaches and solutions for elastomer injection moulding

In addition to a wide variety of processing and peripheral technology, interesting ideas and clever solutions by mechanical engineers to different problems are to be discovered at house exhibitions. Such items were also to be found among the exhibits of the Maplan Technology Days in Ternitz, Austria, during early June.

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Penn State University Evaluation

June 2014:
Pennsylvania State University – Erie conducted an evaluation of our pressurized water vs. oil and electric cartridge in controlling the mold temperature in the processing of Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR), a soft plastic material prevalent in medical devices.

The attached report can speak for itself but the final conclusion is that pressurized water is the most consistent method for maintaining tool temperature and reduced cycle times.

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Alternating Temperature Technology Controls Parts Properties

Kunststoffe International, 04 2011

Process Optimization.

Active temperature-control systems employing alternate
heating and cooling phases can optimize not only the rheological characteristics of the process but also the morphology and hence the properties of molded parts overall - without lengthening the cycle time. This has been confirmed by recent injection molding studies on gear wheels.

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